Wind Turbine Progress: Why Not Wind Power?
Wind power is another power source not reliant on fossil fuels, and it’s especially applicable on sailboats as it can serve to supplement solar power. In some circumstances where wind speed is constant, wind generators can produce more power than solar on a daily basis.
Darko Kapelina says that advancements in high-efficiency wind turbine technology have been growing rapidly. However, in the shadows of multi-megawatt wind turbines is another growing sector, the cost effective, high-efficiency wind turbines developed for residential applications. These wind turbines have:
• Improved airfoil designs for maximum efficiency at low wind speed
• High-efficiency direct drive permanent magnet alternators
• Enhanced governing methods
• Highly sophisticated controls and inverters
These advances enable sailboat owners to integrate directly with other energy generating systems on their boats, such as solar and electric generators, thus decreasing fossil fuel dependence.
If there is wind, there is power to be harvested! A wind turbine can produce power during the day and all through the night, so if the wind generator blades are spinning, the wind generator will be producing power generating 1 – 3 kWh. Darko Kapelina is interested in ideas and systems geared at improving regenerative sailing.