By 2020, energy storage will grow to become a standard feature in homes built in the U.S. It will begin as an option, but will quickly accelerate to a standard feature, as was the case with the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and HVAC systems. This trend will create terrific opportunities for Carbon Recall affiliates as existing property owners scramble to upgrade their inefficient properties to prevent huge value depreciation when their homes are shopped or compared to new construction or more efficient options.

To get a better feel for this emerging trend, take a look at Green Charge Networks, a Carbon Recall approved supplier and the largest provider of commercial energy storage in the U.S. Green Charge Networks recently announced its partnership with ChargePoint, also a Carbon Recall approved supplier, the world’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network.

Carbon Recall is one of best renewable energy services businesses in existence today. Companies and homeowners in America are frustrated with the unpredictability of their utility bills, and with their buildings and properties inefficient use of energy, so they’re willing to invest to make their properties more efficient and consequently more valuable.

About Carbon Recall: Carbon Recall, LLC is an Atlanta-based clean, renewable energy services company. Carbon Recall provides its affiliates the opportunity to offer a complete suite of clean, renewable energy solutions to their local residential and commercial property clients. For more information visit our website or send us an email.