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“Invention is the mother of necessity.” Many think that it is the other way around, but the truth is that the best products and services create their own market. Take the iPhone for example. It dropped out of the sky, and no one realized they needed it until after the market was created. When selecting a franchise, try to find one that is creating its own market. Most times, this is where the really special business opportunities are.

There are 140 million residential and commercial properties in the U.S., and 90 percent were built before 2005. Therefore, 126 million properties in the U.S. are very inefficient consumers of energy. According to the EPA, buildings account for 38 percent of total U.S. energy consumption. Residential buildings account for 54 percent of that total, while commercial buildings account for the other 46 percent. The market opportunity for Carbon Recall’s unique clean, renewable energy solutions is compelling.

Carbon Recall is spreading clean energy solutions across America. At Carbon Recall, we turn a complex process into one that is smooth, simple, and carefree for our customers. We start by personally assessing the energy efficiency and performance of their property, ensuring that our custom designed proposal will work best for our customers’ timetable, budget, and overall renewable energy objectives. Then we create a comprehensive plan, usually requiring the integration of many moving parts, and provide a simple solution that optimizes energy use, energy production, comfort, and savings.

About Carbon Recall: Carbon Recall, LLC is an Atlanta-based clean, renewable energy services company. Carbon Recall provides its affiliates the opportunity to offer a complete suite of clean, renewable energy solutions to their local residential and commercial property clients. For more information visit our website or send us an email.