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There are many who argue that our air and our oceans are cleaner today then they were before.  Darko Kapelina suggest referencing the September 14, 2014 study by the WMO Atmospheric Environment Research Division.

Click to access GHG_Bulletin_10_EN.pdf

Darko Kapelina says that if Driverless Electric cars will be mainstreem by the next decade, it’s certain that automated regenerative sailing will be in place.  See the following article for more information regarding driverless cars.

Darko Kapelina believes that truly clean sailing is within our grasp. There are far too many compelling reasons answering the why? less dependency fossil fuel, no oil in the bilge, no noise, no pollution, no gas, no fumes, an electric motor is silent, clean electricity is far more available than marine fuel stations, no more fear of onboard fuel fire, no more fear of carbon monoxide poising, which leads to the what and how? Darko Kapelina is interested in electric sailing ideas and proven systems.