In 2015, the climate change debate is where the War of Currents was in 1893. With several days of the summit already underway, the climate convention in Paris, COP 21, is shaping up to be the most significant since Kyoto in 1997. It may well do for clean-energy technologies what the Chicago World’s Fair did for electricity. It might be an inflection point.

According to Bill Gates, who has pledged billions of dollars to help fight climate change, “Those who study energy patterns say we are in a gradual transition from oil and coal to natural gas, a fuel that emits far less carbon but still contributes to global warming.” Gates thinks that we simply cannot accept this outcome, and that our best chance to vault over natural gas to a globally applicable, carbon-free source of energy is to drive innovation “at an unnaturally high pace.”

We at Carbon Recall are driving innovation at a very rapid pace, and we are vaulting directly to net zero – the most effective path towards powering up all residential and commercial properties with clean, renewable energy.

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About Carbon Recall: Carbon Recall, LLC is an Atlanta-based clean, renewable energy services company. Carbon Recall provides its affiliates the opportunity to offer a complete suite of clean, renewable energy solutions to their local residential and commercial property clients. For more information visit our website or send us an email.