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Myth: Net Zero is a theory

Fact: Net Zero properties exist thought out the world

Myth: Reaching Net Zero is a huge expense

Fact: If financed, achieving Net Zero is an investment with a 10 to 15% return on investment over the life of the loan

Myth: Renewable energy expenses have long payback periods

Fact: Most renewable energy expenses have an ultimate 100% return on investment within 2 to 8 years

Myth: It’s not possible to have zero utility and gasoline expenses

Fact: It is possible, and there are many examples of Net Zero Homes, including the cost to change Electric Vehicles

Myth: Most mechanical systems can be repaired and be made more efficient

Fact: The law of thermodynamics dictates that all mechanical systems will breakdown and eventually need to be replaced

So the questions you want to ask yourself are:

  1. Do you want to pay your lender for 2 to 8 years while you enjoy lower or no utility expenses, or do you want to pay your utility company for the life of your property?
  2. Do you want to be energy independent, have no utility expenses, improve and increase the value of your property, and do something good for the environment?

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About Carbon Recall: Carbon Recall, LLC is an Atlanta-based clean, renewable energy services company. Carbon Recall provides its affiliates the opportunity to offer a complete suite of clean, renewable energy solutions to their local residential and commercial property clients. For more information visit our website or send us an email.